Best 14 Adria Arjona Movies And TV Shows (2024 Updated)

Adria Arjona is a talented actress known for her dynamic presence on screen, often seen in supporting roles throughout her career. 

With a diverse portfolio of performances in both film and television, Arjona has made a significant impact in Hollywood. 

This article explores her filmography, including her current projects and anticipated upcoming releases.

Let’s quickly have a look at her film career.

14 Adria Arjona Movies List

Here are 14 movies where Adria has played a notable role. 

Sr NoTop Adria Arjona MoviesRelease Year IMDb Rating 
1Say Her Name20247.1/10
2Los Frikis20248.5/10
3Hit Man20236.9/10
4The Absence of Eden20235.4/10
5Father of the Bride20225.9/5
6Morbius 20225.1/10
7Sweet Girl20215.5/10
86 Underground 20196.1/10
9Triple Frontier 20196.5/10
10Life of the Party20185.6/10
11Pacific Rim: Uprising20185.6/10
12The Belko Experiment20166.2/10
13Anomalous 20164.7/10
14Wedding in New York20155.3/10

1, Say Her Name

Adria Arjona is set to star as Aura Estrada in the upcoming film Say Her Name. The film will chronicle the relationship between Goldman and his late wife Aura, a brilliant young writer who tragically died in an accident.

2. Los Frikis

Arjona is playing a leading role in the true story of punk-rock teenagers in Havana, Cuba during the “Special Period” who deliberately infected themselves with HIV in order to escape the oppression of that time. 

3. Hit Man

Adria has beautifully played Madison as a hot and mysterious woman looking to kill her abusive husband. As a key character, she has perfectly brought a sense of vulnerability and trauma to this character. 

4. The Absence of Eden

Adria as a Yadira is a supporting character who becomes romantically involved with a character named Shipp. Yadira is an important emotional anchor and moral counterpoint to the film’s central storyline.

5. Father of the Bride

Adria Arjona plays the central role of Sofia Herrera, the bride-to-be at the heart of the heartwarming family comedy.

As a sofia, she has played a successful, no-nonsense businesswoman who struggles to find time for her boisterous Cuban-American family in Miami. 

6. Morbius 

Dr. Martine Bancroft, a brilliant scientist and the fiancée of the titular character, Dr. Michael Morbius. She is a brilliant scientist in her own right, working alongside Morbius to find a cure for his rare blood disease.

7. Sweet Girl

In this action thriller, Adria played Amanda Cooper, the wife of Ray Cooper. This character is actually pretty crucial to the plot, even though she is not on the screen for a long time. 

She is battling cancer at the beginning of the movie, and her struggle is what sets the whole story in motion.

8. 6 Underground 

Adria Arjona played the supporting role of Amelia/Five. She is described as a former paramedic who faked her own death to join the anonymous vigilante group. 

Well, her character in this movie has provided a moral center amidst the over-the-top action sequences.

9. Triple Frontier 

Here Adria played a supporting role as Yovanna. She is introduced as a local woman living in the remote region of the Triple Frontier. Arjona brings a quiet strength and vulnerability to the role. 

10. Life of the Party

In Life of the Party, Amanda is described as a student at the college. Adria’s portrayal in this movie is said to be a charming and funny addition to the ensemble. 

11. Pacific Rim: Uprising

In “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” Adria plays Jules Reyes. Jules is a Jaeger pilot and a member of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC). She works alongside her co-pilot Nate Lambert, to pilot the massive mech suit and engage the Kaiju in combat.

12. The Belko Experiment

Adria Arjona had a supporting role in the film The Belko Experiment, where she portrayed the character of Leandra Florez. 

When the building is suddenly locked down and the employees are forced to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed, Leandra finds herself caught up in the horrific situation.

13. Anomalous 

As a supporting actor in the Anomalus movie, Adria played the character of Kate Grant. Kate is a young woman who becomes entangled in a disturbing supernatural mystery.

14. Wedding in New York

Adria, as Patricia, is a friend and confidante of the main character, Gonzalo. Patricia is shown as a loyal and caring friend who tries to help Gonzalo navigate the awkward situation he finds himself in.

Conclusion: “6 Underground” Is My Personal Favorite Adria Arjona Movies

While Adria might not have headlined many blockbusters yet, her consistent presence in a variety of projects speaks volumes. 

From action flicks to thoughtful dramas, Arjona has shown she can hold her own alongside industry heavyweights.

As she takes on new and diverse roles, We can look forward to seeing even more of her dynamic presence on screen.

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