Smiling Friends Season 3 Release Date And More: Here’s What to Know

The show “Smiling Friends” has recently released its second season on May 12. 

Since the first two seasons have already gained popularity, fans are now impatiently speculating about the possibility of a third season.

Though there is no official confirmation about season 3, there are a few hints that suggest there is going to be a season renewal. 

Here is what you need to know about Smiling Friends Season 3.

Will There Be a Season 3 of Smiling Friends?

Season 2 of Smiling Friends was premiered on May 12, 2024, with its weekly episodes. This has already created curiosity among the fans that there will be a third season of the show.

Well, when talking about the third season, there is no official confirmation or announcement regarding  “Smiling Friends Season 3” at the moment. 

But as we see the success and positive reception of the show, there could be a possibility for season 3.

Smiling Friends Season Three
Image Source: YouTube Adult Swim

The show’s creators, Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack have been involved in the production and promotion of the series. 

Plus, the show’s approach to storytelling, along with its growing fan base, may contribute to the likelihood of future seasons. 

So, yes, based on the positive Adult Swim’s success, I would say there is a pretty good chance that we will get Smiling Friends Season 3 announcements in the upcoming months.

Smiling Friends Season 3 Release Date

As of May 2024, there is no official word yet on the Smiling Friends season 3 release date or its renewal. 

The first season premiered on January 10, 2022, and the second season came out in May 2024. So, considering this huge gap, we can assume season 3 will take its time.

Smiling Friends Season 3 Release Date
Image Source: YouTube Adult Swim

Animated shows tend to have a pretty long production cycle these days, so all we can do is wait for the official confirmation for season 3.

Trailer of Smiling Friends Season 3

Since the show’s production has not yet announced the news about Smiling Friends Season 3, there is no indication of season 3 being released or in production. 

We can expect the Smiling Friends season 3 trailer as soon as the creators confirm the season 3 renewal.  

Now, season 2 is to be aired on May 12, 2024; creators have released the official trailer for season 2.

Is Smiling Friends On Netflix?

No. The Smiling Friends is not currently available to watch on Netflix. 

Watch Smiling Friends season 3 and previous seasons on Adult Swim’s streaming platform, which you can access through HBO Max. 

It is also available in the UK, Ireland, and Latin America through streaming services like Channel 4 and HBO Max. 

All Smiling Friends Episodes

The Smiling Friends season 1 consisted of 9 episodes, each lasting only for 13 minutes. Season 2 has 8 episodes, which are going to be released weekly. 

Here are the Smiling Friends Season 2 Episodes:

EpisodeTitle Release Date 
1Gwimbly: Definitive Remastered Enhanced Extended Edition DX 4K (Anniversary Director’s Cut)April 1, 2024
2Mr. PresidentMay 12, 2024
3A Allan AdventureMay 19, 2024
4Erm, the Boss Finds Love?May 26, 2024
5Brother’s EggJune 2, 2024
6Charlie, Pim, and Bill vs The AlienJune 9, 2024
7The Magical Red Jewel (aka Tyler Gets Fired)June 16, 2024
8Pim Finally Turns GreenJune 23, 2024

Conclusion: Yes, There Might Be The Smiling Friends S3!

All in all, though the production has not yet announced any news about the third season, season 2’s growing popularity is a promising sign for its future. 

Now, season two has not yet released full episodes, but if season 2 performs well, it’s highly likely that Adult Swim and HBO Max will renew the show for a third season

The show’s creator, Michael Cusack, has mentioned having ideas for future seasons, indicating that there’s more story to tell!

So, yes, it seems the third season will take a year to be released. 

Till then, all we can do is wait and enjoy the season 2 episodes!


Where can I watch Smiling Friends?

The Smiling Friends is available to watch on Adult Swim in the US, which you can access through HBO Max.  In other regions like the UK, Ireland, and France, the show will be streamed on Channel 4 and HBO Max.

Who is the 5th smiling friend?

According to the sources, the cool new fifth Smiling Friends is Smormu. 

How many seasons of Smiling Friends are out?

Till now, Smiling Friends has released its two seasons. There is the possibility of a third season ahead. Season 1 premiered in 2022, and season 2 is set to premiere on May 12, 2024.

Was Smiling Friends discontinued?

No, after the huge success of the first season, Smiling Friends has been renewed for a second season, which is set to air soon.

Is there going to be a season 3 of Smiling Friends?

There is no official confirmation about Smiling Friends season 3 yet, but there is a huge possibility that we will soon get to see season 3. 

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