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Welcome to Recreation Rush!

Hello and welcome to Recreation Rush, we aim to be your go-to place for fashion, beauty, and entertainment insights that are easy to access and always ahead of the trends. We’ve got the scoop on everything from movies, beauty tips, travel itineraries, and in-depth stories about celebs and influencers. Our stories are not just informative but also fun and mindful – just like you!

What We Offer

At Recreation Rush, we explore a diverse array of topics, from the latest lifestyle trends and entertaining stories to immersive travel experiences, beauty tips, and relationship advice. We’re not just a website; we’re a dynamic space that mirrors the interests and curiosities of our vibrant readers.

Movie Enthusiasts will find our takes on both the latest releases and already-released movies.

Travelers will be able to explore itineraries made with the collaboration of locals and underrated destinations from all corners of the globe.

Makeup Fanatics will get to know skin and hair care hacks and product recommendations among many things.

Want to be updated with the latest news on your favorite celebrity? We have got you covered too! All the hot gossip from the industry, right here :3

Further, expect to find listicles on your favorite topics, product reviews, and more.

Our Story

Founded with simplicity and stress-free enjoyment in mind, Recreation Rush is more than just a digital hub; it’s a community. With a commitment to high-quality content, we strive to create a platform where everyone can find something relatable and enjoyable.

Meet The Team

Our team is the heartbeat of everything we do. Our team is a blend of individuals with diverse skills – full-proof writers, SEO nerds, creative designers, and tech enthusiasts. We don’t just work together; we thrive together, each bringing a unique perspective to the table.

Take a behind-the-scenes look and discover the personalities driving Recreation Rush.

Taruna Kukreja (Writer)

Meet Taruna, She writes about lifestyle and travel. Having a heart full of wanderlust and a passion for sharing simple joys, she is also a Yoga teacher.

Expect traveling tips and DIY beauty hacks from her. She has travelled 17 different coutries so far and has many local contacts around the globe that help her curate excellent itenararies and plans!

When she is not typing away, you’ll find her daydreaming about her next trip or experimenting with new recipes.

Vikas Gavit (Writer)

Vikas is our movie chat companion. He has been living and breathing movies since a decade now. Born just after the first Jurassic park movie was released, He is a Dinosaurs enthusiast. He also wishes to have Trex as hit pet someday 😮

You might have stumbled upon his writeups in Filmophile Magazine, Cinephile Weekly, or ScreenCraft. When he is not deep-diving into movie plots, you’ll find him juggling the football. Oh, did we mention he is a total dog lover too?

Steve Godwin (Head Editor)

Hey there, I’m Steve Godwin, the guy behind the scenes at Recreation Rush making sure your content hits the sweet spot. Lifestyle and entertainment are my game, and I’m here to bring you the good stuff.

Beyond the editor’s desk, you’ll often catch me with my nose in a book or vibing to the latest tunes of Lane 8. You can mail me at steve@recreationrush.com for any editorial suggestions or queries.

In addition to our core team, we thrive on a global network of freelance talent and experienced consultants. The unique perspectives and skills of individuals worldwide create a richer and more diverse content experience on our site.

  • Tejas Patel: Social media writer
  • Akshay Ban: SEO team
  • Geetika Samnani: Lifestyle writer
  • Joshua Johnson: Site Director
  • Taylore Glynn – Beauty & Wellness Editor
  • Alaina Smith – Beauty Editor
  • Paige Stables – Beauty Editor

Editorial Approach

Our dedicated team of content creators is passionate about providing accurate, reliable, and engaging information. We steer away from automated content, believing in the value of the human touch in crafting content that resonates with our diverse readership.

Read all about how we curate all the content that goes on our website

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