50 Best Movies On Netflix (Ma2024)

If you too spend hours browsing through endless options on Netflix. You may have been stuck in a ‘Netflix browsing paralysis,’ a phenomenon caused by a combination of factors, including the overwhelming number of choices, the addictive nature of scrolling, and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

To simplify your choices, we’ve handpicked the finest movies across diverse genres currently streaming on Netflix. Trust us, this list will ensure you spend less time browsing and more time enjoying.

From critically acclaimed dramas to heartwarming comedies, our list has something for everyone. 

So, grab some popcorn, and find some great watches for you!

Top Netflix Movies To Watch (May 2024)

Take a quick look at the top streaming Netflix movies across each category:

Sr NoNetflix Movies Category IMDb RatingsWatch Now
2.Interstellar Sci-Fi8.7/10Here 
3.The RitualHorror6.3/10Here 
4.Top Gun: MaverickDrama8.3//10Here 
5.Johnny English RebornComedy6.2/10Here 
6.Bird BoxCrime and Suspense6.6/10Here 
7.Love at First SightRomantic6.8/10Here 
8.VenomFantasy and Adventure6.6/10Here 
9.Society Of SnowBiopics7.8/10Here 
10.The Secret Life of PetsChildren and Family6.5/10Here 

Best Action Movies on Netflix

Craving for some action and fights? There are plenty of good action movies on Netflix. Below are our top 5 picks tin the action genre.

1. The Fast & Furious 8

Runtime2 hours 21 minutes 
Director Louis Leterrier
CastVin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Jordana Brewster, Jason Momoa, Tyrese Gibson. 
IMDb ratings5.8/10

We all love Dominic Toretto from The Fast & Furious, isn’t it? 

The 8th part, The Fate of the Furious, finds Dominic Toretto inexplicably turning against his family. He joins forces with the cyber-terrorist Cipher. 

Dominic’s betrayal sends shockwaves through the crew, and they start to find a way to stop him and uncover Cipher’s nefarious plot.  

One of its highlights is undoubtedly the scene of the cars in New York, where the crew has to fight off the vehicles that are remotely controlled to attack them!

2. The Equalizer 3 (2023)

Runtime1 hour 49 minutes 
Director Antoine Fuqua
CastDenzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Eugenio Mastrandrea, David Denman, Gaia Scodellaro, Remo Girone, Andrea Scarduzio.
IMDb ratings6.9/10 

Robert McCall gets caught up in an Italian town controlled by a crime group called the Camorra. 

McCall steps up to protect his friends from the Camorra in thrilling face-offs. Things get even more intense when he finds out the bad guys are going after people he cares about, testing his loyalty and strength.

It also completes the Equalizer trilogy. Although parts 1 and 2 are quite amazing too, You don’t need to watch them in order to see the third part!

3. Dune

Runtime2h 35m
Director Denis Villeneuve
CastTimithe Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya
IMDb ratings8/10

Dune arrived on Netflix just before the global release of Dune 2. If you wish to be saved from the FOMO on Dune 2, you have to watch the first part.

This masterpiece story follows the powerful Atreids family as they are betrayed and sent to take over the brutal desert planet of Arrakis. 

At its center, the movie revolves around the importance of the spice found on Arrakis and its significance in interstellar travel. 

The story further unfolds the Timothée Chalamet Paul Atreides (son of Duke Leto), whose visions and growing powers could fulfill an ancient prophecy.

4. The Grey Man

Runtime2 hours 
Director Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, 
CastRyan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton, Jessica Henwick, Dhanush.
IMDb ratings6.5/10

CIA operative “Sierra SIx” finds himself on the run from a sociopathic ex-CIA agent, Lloyd Hansen (Chis Evans). 

When Sirerrs Six exposes the dark agency’s secrets, a global manhunt ensues and sets the stage for a high-stakes game of cat and mouse between international assassins. 

But trust me, it’s Chris Evans who steals nearly every scene he’s in as the unhinged, mustache-twirling villain Hansen. 

5. Code 8 Part 2

Runtime1 Hr 40 Min
Director Jeff Chan
CastRobbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Alex Mallari, Sirena Gulamgaus
IMDb ratings6.1/10

This sequel picks up with Connor, who is out of prison and working as a janitor at a community center, trying to stay out of trouble. 

But, his life takes a dramatic turn when he is forced to help 14-year-old Pav to escape from danger. 

You will definitely love it when Conor and Garrett reunite to protect Pav from the corrupt forces pursuing her. I recommend watching its first part as well to get a better idea of this iconic movie. 

Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

Netflix has a good selection of Sci-fi movies on the platform including Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (Which is my personal favorite). Take a look at some other great watches if you are a Sci-fi fan!

6. Interstellar 

Runtime2h 49m
Director Christopher Nolan
CastMatthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine
IMDb ratings8.7/10

Interstellar is the most iconic movie you will ever watch. It will make you scratch your head with many complex concepts. 

This movie has garnered critical acclaim and many awards, including an Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the 87th Academy Awards. 

The story follows a former NASA pilot named Cooper. He joins a last-ditch mission through a newly discovered wormhole to find habitable planets to save humanity from the Earth. 

Trust me; you will blow your mind at the end scene where Cooper gets sucked into the black hole and experience some trippy higher dimensions.  

This is the must-watch movie on Netflix, and I highly recommend this masterpiece. 

7. Space Man

Runtime1 hour 47 minutes
Director Jaroslav Kalfar, Colby Day
CastAdam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano, Kunal Nayyar, Isabella Rossellini
IMDb ratings5.8/10

Jakub, the Czech Republic’s first astronaut, goes on a spaceship mission alone. 

With his loneliness there, he eventually starts to question his relationship with his wife, Lenka. 

One day, while rummaging around the dark corners of his spaceship, Jakub stumbles upon a strange creature. Despite the whole “alien lifeform” thing, Jakub is surprisingly chill about it.  

The whole isolation and loneliness thing and the relationship with the creature will leave you with a psychological thrill and suspense. 

8. The Matrix Resurrections

Runtime2 hours 28 minutes 
Director Lana Wachowski
CastKeanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Jonathan Groff, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris.
IMDb ratings5.7/10

Thomas Anderson, a successful video game developer, creates an incredibly popular Matrix game franchise.  

But like the rest of humanity, he is oblivious to the actual reality- that he is just another brain trapped in machine pods while his mind lives in a simulated world. 

His therapist tries to convince him the Matrix is pure fiction created by his own psyche. But the plot twists and Thomes understands the truth while reconnecting with hacker Bugs. 

9. Don’t look up

Runtime2 hours 18 minutes 
Director Adam McKay
CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett
IMDb ratings7.2/10

This critically acclaimed storyline follows two low-level astronomers. They embark on a media tour to warn humanity about an approaching comet set to destroy Earth.

Eventually, the President is forced to disclosedly address the nation about the civilization-ending comet, coined “Dibiasky.” 

It kicks into frantic gear as the comet finally becomes visible in the sky, leading to widespread panic and chaos.  If you enjoy satire that makes you laugh and think in equal measure, then this one is a must-watch.

10. Annihilation

Runtime1 Hour 55 Minutes 
Director Alex Garland
CastNatalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Benedict Wong, Sonoya Mizuno, David Gyasi, Oscar Isaac, John Schwab
IMDb ratings6.8/10

Annihilation is one of my favorites. A mysterious electromagnetic event happens in a huge area. They call it “The Shimmer,” which steadily expands its borders while mutating inside in unexplainable ways. 

Lena, a biologist and a former soldier, joins the all-female scientific team and ventures into the Shimmer. 

As they go further in, unexpected events start happening. Time and space seem distorted, the rules of physics get bent, and there are hints of something…alien influencing everything.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Well, you might want to get some thrill and creepy horror. Netflix’s horror movie database will haunt your soul inside and out! Have a look at some of the most scary ones in this list.

11. Insidious 

Runtime1 Hour 43 Minutes 
Director James Wan
CastPatrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Barbara Hershey, Andrew Astor
IMDb ratings6.8/10

Insidious is a super horror and critically acclaimed movie that is filled with creepy suspense and supernatural elements. 

The film revolves around a family whose life takes a terrifying turn when their son falls into a coma, and they discover supernatural forces at play. That’s when they enlist the help of paranormal investigators Elise, Specs, and Tucker. 

There is a complete sequel to this movie and certain spin-offs in each, which will leave you spooked and terrified. I definitely recommend this creepy and haunting movie if you are looking for the best horrors on Netflix. 

12. The Pope’s Exorcist

Runtime1 hour 43 minutes 
Director Julius Avery
CastRussell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alexandra Essoe, Franco Nero, Peter DeSouza-Feighoney, Laurel Marsden.
IMDb ratings6.1/10

Here comes the real thrill! This true story is based on the real-life work of Father Gabriele Amorth, the Pope’s personal exorcist in the 1980s.

 Father Amorth visits the possessed boy Henry, and engages in an intense exorcism where the demon taunts him with disturbing visions. 

It’s a perfect blend of classic possession horror with a unique Vatican conspiracy angle.  Add to that Russell Crowe’s powerhouse performance, and you’ve got a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.  Just maybe don’t watch it alone at night.!

13. The Ritual

Runtime1  Hour 34 Minutes 
Director David Bruckner
CastRafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier, Sam Troughton, Paul Reid, Matthew Needham, Jacob James Beswick
IMDb ratings6.3/10

Next on the list, The Ritual begins with the tragic death of Rob. His friends get together for a hiking trip in the remote Swedish wilderness as a way to honor their recently deceased friend Rob.

This group stumbles upon a cabin in the woods adorned with cult-like symbols and a disturbing statue. This sets off a series of terrifying events that test their courage and resilience. 

I would say The Ritual is totally terrifying and will leave you with gripping horror with a mix of grief, Norse mythology, and supernatural terror. 

 14. Run

Runtime1 Hour 30 Minutes 
Director Aneesh Chaganty
CastSarah Paulson, Kiera Allen, Sara Sohn, Pat Healy, Erik Athavale, BJ Harrison, Sharon Bajer
IMDb ratings6.7/10

Well, this movie is not pure horror, nor does it include creepy haunts. It is a thriller story about mother-daughter relationships.

Okay, so Run starts off pretty straightforwardly, telling the story of an overprotective mother raising her chronically ill daughter, Chloe. 

As Chloe starts to learn about her mother’s dark intentions, the movie expertly builds suspense. Chloe attempts to escape from her mother’s confined environment, falls apart through obstacles, and confronts the harsh reality of her situation.

15. In the Tall Grass

Runtime1 Hour 41 Minutes
Director Vincenzo Natali 
CastLaysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted, Patrick Wilson, Will Buie Jr., Rachel Wilson, Harrison Gilbertson, Tiffany Helm
IMDb ratings5.5/10

The Tall  Grass hits the ground running with one of the most ominous opening sequences I have seen in a horror flick lately. 

The movie starts with Becky and her brother Cal as they’re driving down this remote Kansas road. That’s when they hear a disturbing cry for help emanating from the huge field of tall grass alongside the road. 

Despite all the obvious warning signs, they make the regrettable decision to go inside. Soon, Cal and Becky realize they are trapped in a moving maze within the tall grass, where traditional rules of direction no longer apply.

Best Drama Movies on Netflix 

Seeking for a good drama? Say no more. Check the #18 spot for my personal favorite in the category.

16. A Man of Action

Runtime1 Hour 51 Minutes 
Director Javier Ruiz Caldera
CastJuan José Ballesta, Luis Callejo, Liah O’Prey, Miki Esparbé, Alexandre Blazy, Ben Temple, Ana Polvorosa
IMDb ratings6.4/10

“A Man of Action” is a gripping drama inspired by the life of Lucio Urtubia, an anarchist who targets one of the world’s biggest banks with a clever counterfeiting operation. 

I loved the scene when the Spanish entrepreneur, driven by his disdain for banks and a desire to disrupt the financial system, devises a plan to destabilize the American dollar. 

This audacious scheme sets the stage for a cat-and-mouse game between the anarchists and the government forces tasked with catching them. 

17. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Runtime37 Minutes
Director Wes Anderson
CastRalph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley, Richard Ayoade, Jarvis Cocker, David Gant
IMDb ratings7.4/10

This short film follows the titular Henry Sugar, who is a wealthy ne’er-do-well who can’t seem to find any purpose or meaning in his cushy, hedonistic life. 

That is until a chance encounter with a mystical Indian yogic guru changes everything.

As the story progresses, Henry travels the globe, using his unique skill to win money from casinos under various disguises. 

The film beautifully captures Henry’s transformation from a bored and aimless gambler to a philanthropic figure who uses his newfound abilities to make a positive impact on the world. 

18. Gone Girl

Runtime2 Hours 29 Minutes 
Director David Fincher
CastBen Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit
IMDb ratings8.1/10

Well, here you will come across the psychological thriller of the complexities of marriage, deception, and media manipulation. 

Amy Dune mysteriously disappears on her fifth anniversary. It turns out that Detective Rhonda Boney begins to suspect Amy’s husband’s involvement in her disappearance as evidence mounts against him. 

Well, I won’t give the spoilers, but you will love it when you see the climax and the twist behind the truth.

19.Top Gun: Maverick

Runtime2 Hours 10 Minutes
Director Joseph Kosinski
CastTom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer, Bashir Salahuddin, Jon Hamm, Charles Parnell
IMDb ratings8.3//10

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this masterpiece has wonderfully crafted Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell role played by Tom Cruise. 

The plot centers around Maverick training a new generation of Navy aviators, including the son of his late friend Goose. 

When Maverick faces his own fears and confronts the ghosts of his past, he finds himself involved in a high-risk mission that demands a real sacrifice from those chosen to be a part of it. 

20. Enola Holmes

Runtime2 hours 
Director Harry Bradbeer
CastMillie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Louis Partridge, Helena Bonham Carter
IMDb ratings6.6/10

Are you into some detective drama? Well, Enola Holmes can be your match. Hat’s off to Millie Bobby Brown’s acting skills.

It is the story of Sherlock Holmes’s 16-year-old younger sister, Enola. She is on a quest to find her missing mother, who disappears on Enola’s 16th birthday. 

As she follows the trail left by her mother, Enola encounters challenges and mysteries that lead her to London.  

You will simply love how intelligently she solves every clue and how bravely she tests her mother’s teachings on self-defense along the way.

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix 

Get some giggles for yourself with these absolutely mad comedy movies streaming on Netflix currently.

21. The Dictator

Runtime1 Hour 23 Minutes
Director Larry Charles
CastSacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, John C. Reilly, Ben Kingsley, Sayed Badreya, Rocky Citron, Liam Campora.
IMDb ratings6.4/10

If you need hilarious comedy, I suggest looking no further than “The Dictator.” 

You will go crazy with the main character, General Aladeen, who is a larger-than-life dictator from the fictional North African nation of Wadiya.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie has to be when Aladeen tries to blend in with everyday New Yorkers. 

Trust me, you won’t be able to contain your laughter. I just love his epic comedy and his funny dictatorship. 

22. Glass Onion

Runtime2 Hours 19 Minutes
Director Rian Johnson
CastDaniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr.
IMDb ratings7.1/10

If you’re up for a side-splitting mystery comedy on Netflix, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is the perfect pick.

When Birdie Jay is found dead under mysterious circumstances during a family gathering, chaos ensues as her eclectic relatives become suspects in her untimely demise.

 This movie is a perfect mix of suspense, humor, and quirky characters. 

23. Grown Ups

Runtime1 Hour 42 Minutes
Director Dennis Dugan
CastAdam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider
IMDb ratings6.0/10

A group of childhood friends reunites for a Fourth of July weekend after the demise of their basketball coach. 

They decide to relive their glorious old days by challenging a group of youngsters to a basketball rematch.  But you will go mad with laughter when you see their failed attempt to gain their former athletic prowess. 

And, of course, what would a comedy starring Adam Sandler be without its fair share of slapstick humor and outrageous gags? You will be gasping for air from laughing so hard!

24. Dumb Money

Runtime1 Hour 45 Minutes
Director Craig Gillespie
CastPaul Dano, Pete Davidson, Vincent D’Onofrio, America Ferrera, Myha’la, Nick Offerman
IMDb ratings6.9/10

Now, coming to my favorite comedy pick, Dumb Money is the perfect comedy I have ever seen. 

The story revolves around GameStop’s stock and a group of down-on-their-luck friends. 

Here, you will delve into the skillful complexities of the stock market along with the witty humor and hilarious character roles. Perhaps the most memorable scene of all is when these friends find themselves in hot water with misguided attempts to hide their newfound money!

 25. Johnny English

Runtime1 Hour 29 Minutes 
Director David Kerr
CastRowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Kevin Eldon, Adam James. 
IMDb ratings6.2/10

Who doesn’t know Rowan Atkinson and his epic comedy? 

Now imagine how funny Johnny English would be with Rowan’s weird humor!  

Johnny is a low-level bureaucrat in England’s spy service who dreams of becoming a field agent. The plot thickens when England’s crown jewels are stolen by the French zillionaire Pascal Sauvage, who aims to take over England and turn it into a prison facility.

The entire movie is filled with heavy humor and many awkward yet funny encounters. But it’s not just Johnny who steals the show; characters like Pascal have also added the comedic chaos. 

Best Crime and Suspense Movies on Netflix

Who doesn’t love crime with terrific suspense? Well, Netflix has many suspense movies that will actually make you scratch your head. Here are some of the best picks. 

26. Inception

Runtime2 Hours 28 Minutes 
Director Christopher Nolan
CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Elliot Page, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao
IMDb ratings8.8/10

This true masterpiece will blow your mind and make you scratch your head. 

Inception takes you into the labyrinth of the subconscious mind through an ingenious concept – a team of “extractors” who have the ability to infiltrate people’s dreams and steal valuable information.

But as they delve deeper into the layers of the mind, they soon realize that they’re not the only ones with secrets to hide.

This movie plunges you into a world of paradoxical physics and reality-bending set pieces, making it the most suspenseful movie on the list. 

27. Bird Box

Runtime2 Hours 4 Minutes 
Director Susanne Bier
CastSandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver, Rosa Salazar, Danielle Macdonald
IMDb ratings6.6/10

A mysterious force sweeps across the world, causing people to go insane and 

commit suicide if they see it. 

To survive, Malorie has to navigate sanctuary down a river with her two children, all while blindfolded to avoid the creatures’ deadly influence.

While on this journey, Malorie and her kids go through many darkest and most terrific moments that make us unconscious with the suspense. 

Well, I think your heart will stop beating when you see how you survived this tragedy.

28. Panic Room

Runtime1 Hour 52 Minutes 
Director David Fincher
CastJodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam, Jared Leto, Patrick Bauchau
IMDb ratings6.8/5

Directed by David Fincher, “Panic Room” is known for its intense and intelligent storyline filled with clever twists and surprises. 

It follows recently divorced Meg Altman and her daughter, Sarah, as they move into a New York home with a panic room, a secure shelter designed to protect occupants from intruders. 

When three burglars break into the house, believing it to be empty, Meg and Sarah find themselves in a deadly situation to protect themselves and what the burglars are after inside the panic room.

29. Gerald’s Game

Runtime1 Hour 43 Minutes 
Director Mike Flanagan
CastCarla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Chiara Aurelia, Carel Struycken, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, 
IMDb ratings6.5/10

Next on this list, Gerald’s Game is a story of Jessie, who finds herself handcuffed to a bed after her husband, Gerald. He dies unexpectedly during a sexual role-playing game, leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed with no hope of escape.

As Jessie struggles to free herself from her shackles, she begins to hallucinate and confront her inner demons, including traumatic memories from her past. 

With only her wits and determination to keep her company, Jessie must find a way to survive. But as the hours pass and her situation grows increasingly dire, she begins to question her sanity and wonder if she’ll ever make it out alive.

30. Leave the World Behind

Runtime2 Hours 18 Minutes 
Director Sam Esmail
CastJulia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la, Farrah Mackenzie, Charlie Evans
IMDb ratings6.5/10

“Leave the World Behind” is a chilling, apocalyptic, psychological thriller story of two families forced together in a world-threatening catastrophe. 

It revolves around a family who rents a vacation house. But their plans are thrown into chaos when the owners of the rental home, G.H., and Ruth, suddenly return in a panic, claiming that a catastrophic event is unfolding in the outside world.

As suspicions rise, the two families are forced to confront their fears and rely on each other for survival.

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

The OG Netflix and chill section is here. Take a look at some of the best romantic movies currently streaming on Netflix.

31. The Kissing Booth

Runtime1 Hour 45 Minutes 
Director Vince Marcello
CastJoey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, Lincoln Pearson
IMDb ratings5.9/10

Well, “The Kissing Booth” is a romantic teenage film where Elle Evans, a high school student, decides to run a kissing booth at her school’s carnival with her best friend Lee.

However, things take a complicated turn when Elle ends up kissing her secret crush, who is Lee’s brother, Noah. 

The chemistry between the characters, particularly Elle and Noah, adds a sense of authenticity to their evolving relationship. If you are looking for some teenage romance and charm, definitely go for this movie.

32. Love at First Sight

Runtime1 hour 31 Minutes
Director Vanessa Caswell
CastHaley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy, Rob Delaney, Katrina Nare
IMDb ratings6.8/10

“Love at First Sight” is all about a 20-year-old girl who misses her flight to London. During this situation, she meets Oliver in a chance encounter, which she considers a love at first sight.

Situations get more electric when they start traveling together to London and get to know each other. They reach their destination, and they separate in their own way. 

Her search for this unknown guy whom she met on a 7-hour flight will surprise you and make you excited to wait until they finally meet again. 

Jokes are a part of it, but this movie unexpectedly made me fall for some random guys I met at the airport later.

33. Set it Up

Runtime1 Hour 45 Minutes
Director Claire Scanlon
CastZoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Joan Smalls.
IMDb ratings6.5/10

This story is about two overworked assistants, Harper and Charlie, who are tired of their demanding bosses’ relentless work schedules. 

In a stroke of genius (or madness), they team up to set their bosses up on a date, hoping that love will soften their tough exteriors and give them some much-needed free time.

Both try really hard to make their bosses fall in love, but it ends up that Harper and Charlie fall in love. You will just love the chaos they make and how they come closer to each other unknowingly. 

34. Purple Hearts

Runtime2 Hours 2 Minutes 
Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
CastSofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, Chosen Jacobs, John Harlan Kim, Kat Cunning, Linden Ashby
IMDb ratings6.7/10

This pure romantic drama on Netflix portrays the story of Cassie, an aspiring musician, and Luke, who is a Marine.

Cassie enters into a fake marriage with Luke to secure her health condition and finances. However, as their complex relationship evolves, they start to get genuine emotion and a connection between the lead characters.

Though the story is pretty obvious, the moments in the story will melt your heart and make you fall in love with your partner again.

35. The Girl Next Door

Runtime1 Hour 49 Minutes 
Director Luke Greenfield
CastEmile Hirsch, Nicholas Downs, Elisha Cuthbert, Timothy Olyphant, James Remar
IMDb ratings6.7/10

From the moment Danielle moves in next door, Matthew is a goner. The poor guy can’t stop drooling over her beauty and feisty attitude. 

But the real fun begins when Matthew finally musters up the courage to introduce himself to Danielle. 

Their chemistry is off the charts! Danielle sees something special in the adorkable Matthew and decides to take him under her wing to help build his confidence with women.

Best Fantasy and Adventure Movies on Netflix

Let’s now enter into fantasy and adventure!

36. The Batman

Runtime2 hours 56 minutes 
Director Matt Reeves
CastRobert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano
IMDb ratings7.8/10

The Batman on Netflix is an absolute knockout! The story kicks off with Bruce Wayne, who is in his second year as the vigilante known as Batman. 

He’s consumed by an obsessive rage to take down the city’s corrupt elite and make Gotham a better place, even if he has to operate outside the law. 

Batman confronts a group of clown-faced thugs in a subway station. This showcases his relentless pursuit of justice amidst the city’s turmoil. 

37. The Secrets of Dumbledore

Runtime2 hours 22 minutes 
Director David Yates
CastJude Law, Cara Mahoney, Mads Mikkelsen, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
IMDb ratings6.2/10

Now, let’s take a look at real fantasy.  Who doesn’t know Prof. Dumbledore?

“The Secrets of Dumbledore” takes us back into the magical world of wizards and witches. Albus Dumbledore enlists the help of his former student, Newt Scamander, to thwart Grindelwald’s plans of domination.

As lines are drawn and loyalties tested, the wizarding world becomes increasingly divided, with love and loyalty at the heart of the conflict.

There are some shocking twists in the movie that I definitely didn’t see coming!

38. Venom

Runtime1 hour 52 minutes 
Director Ruben Fleischer
CastTom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate
IMDb ratings6.6/10

Eddie Brock, is a journalist whose life takes a drastic turn when he merges with the alien symbiote Venom.

What follows is a whirlwind of chaos as Eddie grapples with his newfound superhuman abilities and the unpredictable nature of his symbiotic partner.

What happens next is a real surprise! The climax will definitely blow your mind. 

39. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Runtime2 hours 20 minutes 
Director Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson
Cast (Voice)Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Brian Tyree Henry, Luna Lauren Velez
IMDb ratings8.6/10

“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” is an animatic Spiderman movie released in 2023.

The story picks up after the events of the first film, with Miles Morales feeling the weight of his responsibilities as a Spider-Man. 

As he gets to know there is a world filled with holes in the multiverse, Miles finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and danger that tests his abilities like never before.

Miles encounters Gwen Stacy and a host of other Spider-People from different universes, each bringing their unique powers and perspectives to the table.

40. Legion

Runtime1 hour 40 minutes 
Director Scott Stewart
CastPaul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton.
IMDb ratings5.3/10

Legion opens up with an apocalyptic premise where God, angered by humanity’s sins, sends a legion of angels to wipe out mankind. 

However, amidst this divine chaos, one rebellious angel, Michael, decides to protect a pregnant woman whose child is believed to be humanity’s savior.

The movie takes a turn with a battle between good and evil. The end is filled with many dark elements and unexpected twists. 

Best Biopics on Netflix

Netflix’s expansive library is also filled with some of the most acclaimed biopics ever brought to the screen. Let’s take a look at some of the must-see biopics in this section.

41. The Pursuit of Happyness

Runtime1 Hour 57 Minutes 
Director Gabriele Muccino
CastWill Smith, Thandiwe Newton, Jaden Smith, Brian Howe, James Karen, Dan Castellaneta, Kurt Fuller
IMDb ratings8.0/10

This highly anticipated real-life story follows the struggles of Chris Gardner.  The film begins with Chris facing financial hardship and personal challenges. This led to the breakdown of his marriage and the loss of his home.

Chris pursues an unpaid internship at a prestigious brokerage firm to provide a better life for himself and his son, Christopher.

The climax of the film culminates in a powerful moment when Chris finally lands a job as a stockbroker after months of hard work and perseverance. This biopic is one of the must-see films I would recommend. 

42. The Social Network

Runtime2 hours
Director David Fincher
CastJesse Eisenberg, Rooney Mara, Bryan Barter, Dustin Fitzsimons, Joseph Mazzello.
IMDb ratings7.8/10

So this film is all about the creation of Facebook and the crazy journey of its founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

And who doesn’t want to watch the story behind Facebook?

Mark and his friend become the business brains behind their project: Thefacebook. This version focuses on connecting Harvard students. 

Soon, Facebook expanded to other universities, and Zuckerberg set his sights on making it a global phenomenon. “The Social Network” is pretty much a must-watch on my list 

43. Catch Me If You Can

Runtime2 Hours 21 Minutes
Director Steven Spielberg
CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams
IMDb ratings8.1/10

“Catch Me If You Can” is a real-life story of a con man, Frank, who successfully passed himself off as a pilot, doctor, and lawyer – all before his 19th birthday.

You will love Frank’s audacious confidence as he effortlessly navigates through various personas, fooling people with his charm and quick thinking. Trust me, this the best movie on Netflix.

The scene where Frank successfully bluffs his way into the cockpit of a commercial airline flight, acting as a Pan Am pilot, was so audacious. 

He also poses as a doctor in a hospital and manages to perform surgeries and even win the trust of the hospital staff! It’s so dramatic, right?

 44. Society Of Snow

Runtime2 hours 24 minutes
Director J.A. Bayona
CastEnzo Vogrincic, Agustín Pardella,  Matías Recalt, Esteban Bigliardi, Diego Vegezzi.
IMDb ratings7.8/10

“Society of the Snow” is a biopic based on the true story of a plane crash in the Andes Mountains of Chile, where 16 out of 45 passengers survived. 

A group of Uruguayan rugby players and their family members go on a journey to Chile for a game. But unfortunately, they go through a tragic crash and fight for survival for weeks. 

As days turn into weeks, the survivors are forced to make unimaginable choices.  Facing starvation, they resort to a taboo act –  eating the flesh of the deceased. 

 45. Everest

Runtime2 hour 1-minute 
Director Baltasar Kormákur
CastJason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa, Thomas M. Wright, Martin Henderson, Tom Goodman-Hill
IMDb ratings7.1/10

“Everest” is a 2015 biopic that recounts the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster.  It portrays the survival attempts of two expedition groups led by Rob Hall and Scott Fischer.

 Things go pretty smoothly at first as they trek across base camps and up the mountain. But then, disaster strikes, and from there, it becomes a terrific fight for survival against the extreme cold, lack of oxygen, whiteout conditions, and sheer exhaustion.

Best Children and Family Movies on Netflix (Tween Friendly)

Discover the best tween-friendly films, a delightful mix of animated joy and heartwarming tales on Netflix!

46. The Boss Baby

Runtime1 Hour 37 Minutes 
Director Tom McGrath
CastVoice: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire
IMDb ratings6.3/10

Tim Templeton a 7-year-old boy whose life is turned upside down when his parents bring home a new baby brother. Trust me, he happens to be a secret agent for Baby Corp.

He is on an undercover mission to investigate the CEO of Puppy Co. Sounds silly, right?

One of the most hilarious early scenes is when Tim first discovers Baby’s ability to speak like a snarky businessman. Their ensuing negotiations over baby/big brother boundaries had me in stitches.

 47. Minions

Runtime1 Hour 31 Minutes 
Director Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
CastVoice: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Pierre Coffin, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan
IMDb ratings6.4/10

Minions, little yellow troublemakers, go on a quest to find and serve the biggest, worst supervillain of all time. 

After accidentally dismissing their latest master in the 1960s, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob strike out on an epic road trip, hoping to find their next potential boss.

Further, you will see some villinary moves from some of the world’s most cruel villains.   Minions is simply a supersized serving of pure, uncut joy. 

For kids and adults alike, these Minions are impossible not to love!

48. The Secret Life of Pets

Runtime1 Hour 27 Minutes 
Director Chris Renaud
CastVoice: Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate
IMDb ratings6.5/10

This animated comedy answers the question we’ve all wondered – what do our cute pets really get up to when we are not home? And let me tell you, it’s pure chaotic hilarity.

The story follows Max, a lovable but neurotic terrier whose comfortable life gets turned upside down when his owner brings home Duke,.

Right from the opening scenes of Max eagerly awaiting his owner’s return from work each day, you can’t help but go, “Awww.” 

But then it flips into laugh-out-loud comedy as soon as Max’s wild menagerie of neighborhood pet buddies shows up to party while the humans are away.

49. Sonic the Hedgehog

Runtime1 Hour 39 Minutes 
Director Jeff Fowler 
CastVoice: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Tika Sumpter, Natasha Rothwell, Adam Pally
IMDb ratings6.5/10

 Sonic, a speedy blue critter from another planet, finds himself on Earth in the quaint town of Green Hills. 

He spies on a sheriff, Tom, and his wife, and it seems like he likes this couple. Further, he teams up with Sheriff Tom, and the fun starts with a comedy road trip from Green Hills to San Francisco.

Along the way, they have zany encounters with everyday humans, all while evading Robotnik’s attacks.

50. Clifford the Big Red Dog

Runtime1 Hour 36 Minutes 
Director Walt Becker 
CastVoice: Darby Camp, Jack Whitehall, Izaac Wang, John Cleese, Sienna Guillory, Tony Hale
IMDb ratings5.9/10

This story centers around Emily Elizabeth, a young girl who finds a small red puppy that magically grows into a gigantic red dog named Clifford.

From the moment little Clifford gulps down a growth concoction and suddenly balloons into a massive 10-foot-tall dog, the laughs and chaos erupt. 

The moment when Clifford causes chaos in their tiny NYC apartment and Emily’s mom panics is absolutely hilarious. It’ll have kids howling!

Netflix Codes For Best Movies on Netflix

Did not like what we recommended?

Everybody has a different taste in movies. If you were not satisfied with our take, here is an easier way to find great watches on Netflix for yourself!

Netflix codes are strings of numbers that categorize content into specific genres, subgenres, moods, and other criteria. 

You just have to copy these codes and paste them after the “Netflix.com/.”

For instance, if you are looking for some classic thrillers, you will simply type the code 46588 after the URL. “Netflix.com

Here is a complete list of codes Netflix codes that you can use to explore the platform more deeply: 

Action Thrillers43048
Classic Thrillers46588
Crime Thrillers10499
Foreign Thrillers10306
Gangster Movies31851
War Movies48744
Children & Family Films783
Independent Films7077
Sports Movies4379
Classic Comedies31694
Stand-up Comedy1365
Biographies & Memoirs3652
Music & Concert Documentaries3208
Nature & Wildlife Documentaries53415
True Crime Documentaries9875
Classic Dramas29809
Classic Foreign Movies32473
Independent Foreign Films7836
Satanic Stories666
Serial Killer Movies8646
Vampire Horror Movies7153
Broadway Musicals13332
Film Musicals1272
Crime Mysteries10499
Film Noir31389
Supernatural Mysteries14100
Romantic Comedies5475
Romantic Dramas8883
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy47147
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy4734
Sci-Fi Action & Adventure4972
Sports Documentaries9396
Sports Dramas7961
Psychological Thrillers53012
Spy Thrillers10302

Wrap-Up! The Grey Man is my personal favorite Movie on Netflix

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and explore!

I am sure this list of 50 Best movies to watch on Netflix will satisfy your interests in each category.  Who knows, you might find your new all-time favorite movie from the list. 

What’s more? Netflix will come up with some fresher movies. So stay tuned, as I am going to update the list with some of the latest and best Netflix movies that you should watch.

Till then, get your popcorn and soda and enjoy these picks. 

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