Peacock Statistics 2024 — Subscribers, Revenue & Viewership

NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, has established itself as the fastest-growing streaming service, amassing 34 million subscribers as of Q1 2024.

Peacock is home to Universal Picture’s latest theatrical releases, WWE, Premier League, The Office, and more. 

Engaging content and affordable plans have Peacock boasting the title of United States’s fastest-growing streaming platform.

We shed a light on Peacock’s usage and financial insights in this post.

Peacock Statistics 2024 (Top Highlights)

  • There are 34 million Peacock Subscribers as of Q1 2024, the platform added 3 million new paid subscribers in the latest quarter.
  • Peacock registered a revenue of $1.1 billion in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Peacock’s average revenue per user is $10 per month.
  • The platform accounts for 1.3% of total TV time and 3% of streaming TV time.
  • Advertisers on the platform see a 24% brand favourability lift and a +50% purchase intent lift.
  • Peacock TV has 80,000+ hours of on-demand content and 50+ live channels
  • Peacock TV’s exclusive AFC wild-card game was the biggest live-streamed event in U.S. history with a viewership of 28 million.

Peacock Subscribers Statistics

Peacock TV has managed to gain 31 million subscribers in its 3 years of operation. Although this number may seem much less than other streaming giants, we see it as a huge win because Peacock has managed to gain such a subscriber base while being an independent streaming service in just the United States and certain U.S. territories.

Peacock has 34 million subscribers

Peacock has 34 million subscribers as of Q1 2024. The platform’s subscribers increased 55% compared to the prior year period, including net additions of 3 million in the latest quarter.

Peacock subscribers have grown 277% since 2021 when the number of subscribers was 9 million.

total Peacock  subscribers

Here is a table showing Peacock’s subscriber count over time:

TimePeacock Subscribers
Q1 202434 million
Q4 202331 million
Q3 202328 million
Q2 202324 million
Q1 202322 million
Q4 202221 million
Q3 202216 million
Q2 202213 million
Q1 202213 million
Q4 20219 million
Q2 20214 million

Source: Comcast Yearly Report

77% of Peacock subscribers opt for the ad-supported plan

The majority of subscription video-on-demand sign-ups on Peacock are ad-supported accounting for 77%. This makes Peacock the leading American streaming service in terms of ad-supported user base. Second on the list is Hulu, whose 55% of the subscriber base is ad-supported.

Peacock’s ad-supported plan costs $5.99/month and 59.99/year.

OTT Ad-supported Plan Subscribers

Here is a table showing the share of subscribers of leading streaming platforms based on the type of plan they choose:

PlatformAd-supported Plan SubscribersAd-Free Plan Subscribers

Source: Statista

Peacock subscribers watch 20% more content each month compared to the traditional NBC audience.

Brain Roberts, the CEO of Comcast revealed in an investor relations event that Peacock’s monthly users regularly watch 20% more programming hours than other traditional NBC viewers

Source: Peacock Investor Relation Transcript

Peacock Demographics

Although Peacock is accessed by diverse demographics, it’s slightly favored by Female and Millennial users.

52% of Peacock users are females while 48% are male

It is kind of an even split among the genders. Netflix, the world’s leading streaming giant too has a similar split of 51:49 for the same genders.

Source: Similarweb

31.86% of Peacock users belong to the 25 to 34 age group

Peacock’s highest user base belongs to the millennials. The second biggest user base is from people aged 35 to 44 comprising 21.62%.

People aged 55 and above make up just 16.09% of Peacock’s user base.

Here is a table showing Peacock’s user base by age:

AgeShare of Users
18 to 2414.36%
25 to 3431.86%
35 to 4421.62%
45 to 5416.08%
55 to 6410.05%

Source: Similarweb

Females are more likely to watch Peacock’s with the ads plan than males

A survey by Statista reveals that 10% of females stated to have watched the free ad-supported version of Peacock daily than 8% of males.

Source: Statista

Peacock is most popular among Millenials and Gen Z

Peacock is mostly streamed by Millennials (11%) and Generation Z (13%) in the United States. In contrast, baby boomers exhibited the lowest likelihood of streaming Peacock daily, with a mere 3% participation rate.

Frequency of watching Peacock Premium by Generation

Source: Statista

General Peacock Stats

Take a look at the Peacock’s library size, records and user behavior statistics in this section.

Peacock TV has 80,000+ hours of on-demand content and 50+ live channels

Peacock also offers hit movies right after theatrical releases from Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, and Illumination; next-day access to all new shows from NBC and Bravo; fan-favorite library content; daily live news; as well as live channels from brands including Hallmark and WWE.

Source: Peacock TV

Peacock has the right to the most-viewed primetime show In the United States

NBC’s Sunday Night Football continues its ratings lead, pacing to finish as primetime’s #1 TV show in all key metrics for an unprecedented 13th consecutive year, with the first Peacock-exclusive NFL game.

Source: NBC Sports

Peacock TV’s exclusive AFC wild-card game was the biggest live-streamed event in U.S. history

Peacock and the NFL rewrote history with the first-ever exclusive live-streamed playoff game, attracting a record-breaking 27.6 million viewers. This peacock-exclusive event not only smashed streaming records but also fueled the busiest internet day in the history of the United States, consuming 30% of all traffic. 

Peacock saw a banner day with 16.3 million concurrent devices, solidifying its presence as a major streaming force.

Source: NBC Sports

1 in 3 Peacock users have watched a pay-one movie

According to a Comscore Videometrix MP study, one in three Peacock users watch a pay-one movie. Peacock has a deal with Universal Pictures for licensing pay-one movie windows. Peacock offers free movies and shows, but you need to be a paying subscriber to unlock everything behind the paywalls.

Source: Comscore

Peacock has 17,000 hours of WWE content

The streaming platform also plans to stream WWE’s biggest night “Wrestle Mania” this April.

Source: NBCU

Peacock Financial Statistics

Comcast claims that Peacock is the United States’ fastest-growing streamer. Peacock’s Paid Subscribers Increased Nearly 50% YoY. Peacock’s revenue in the first quarter of 2024 increased 54% YoY. Comcast further claims that adjusted EBITDA in the latest quarter also improved compared to the previous year period.

Peacock made $3.33 billion in revenue in 2023

Peacock saw a 54% YoY increase in its revene in Q1 2024 reaching $1.1 billion. This is the second consecutive time when peacock has crossed the $1 billion mark in quarterly revenue.

2023 was a good year for Peacock in terms of revenue as the platform crossed the $1 billion quarterly revenue mark for the first time in its history. This feat came in the last quarter of 2023. Before that Peacock registered $685 billion, $820 billion, and $830 billion in the first three quarters, respectively.

Peacock revenue

Here is a table showing Peacock’s revenue over the years

2024 (Q1)$1.1 billion
2023$3.33 Billion
2022$2.1 Billion
2021$778 Million
2020$118 Million

Source: Comcast Earning Releases, Deadline, Sports Pro Media, 

Peacock’s EBITDA losses improved YoY, leading to full-year losses of $2.75 billion in 2023

This was slightly better than the expectation Comcast had previously communicated (2.8 billion). 2023 marked the peak in annual losses at Peacock. And for 2024, Comcast expects to show meaningful improvement in losses.

Source: Peacock TV Investor Relation Event Transcript

Peacock helped Comcast acquire a higher domestic and advertising revenue in 2023

Comcast revealed in its latest investor relation letter that its domestic distribution revenue increased primarily due to higher revenue at Peacock, driven by increased paid subscribers. The advertising revenue too increased by 4.9%, primarily due to an increase in revenue at Peacock.

Source: Comcast Investor Relation Letter

Peacock In Comparison With Other Streaming Platforms

Peacock entered the streaming market just 3 years earlier. While it is still far from dominating the market, it has succeeded in making its place and being known. See how it stands in comparison with its well-established counterparts.

Peacock gets a 1.3% share of U.S. TV screen time 

The total streaming sector grabbed a record 35.9% of total US TV usage in Q4 2023, and Peacock contributed to 1.3% of it.  That’s the 7th highest among all streaming platforms. 

share of streaming platforms in US TV screen time

Netflix remained the leader with a share of 8% share. 

Here is a table showing the share of streaming platforms in US TV screen time:

Streaming PlatformShare in US TV Screen Time
Prime Video3.3%

Source: Nielsen TV Usage Report

Peacock is the 7th most subscribed streaming platform in the world

With 80,000+ hours of on-demand content and 50+ live channels, Peacock has managed to gain 31 million subscribers making it the 7th most popular streaming service. Netflix still tops the list with an unmatched subscriber base of 260.28 million.

most popular streaming services

Here is a table showing the most popular streaming services by subscriber count:

Streaming ServiceSubscribers
Netflix260.28 million
Amazon Prime Video200 million
Disney+150.2 million
Max95.1 million
Paramount+63.4 million
Hulu48.5 million
Peacock31 million
ESPN+26 million
Apple TV+25 million
Starz15.79 million

Source: Digital Trends

Peacock brings in 9.87 cents for every dollar Netflix makes 

Starting in 2007, Netflix is the market leader in the streaming market and generated a revenue of $33.72 billion in 2023, on the other hand, Peacock was able to generate $3.33 billion during the same period.

That means Netflix earns ten times the revenue Peacock does

Peacock Statistics For Marketers

Marketers can advertise on Peacock via NBC Universal. The ad-supported plan will of course be a means for marketers to reach potential eyeballs, the premium plan too has ads in some cases, so marketers can leverage that too.

71% of people prefer the Peacock ad experience to other AVODS

With 1/3 the ad load of linear television and less than 5 minutes of ads per hour of content, it’s no surprise that viewers prefer Peacock over other AVODs.

On the other hand, Netlfix’s ad-supported plan has 4-5 minutes of commercials per hour of content, and the average duration of an ad is 15 or 30 seconds.

Source: NBC Universal

Peacock users favor a brand 24% more if they see it on the platform

Peacock’s positive ad experience and quality content are a win for fans and brands, statistics reveal that people who see a brand on Peacock favor it in real-world 24% more. Additionally, there is 

  • 50% purchase intent lift, and
  • +12% purchase consideration from integration in peacock originals.
Peacock Statistics Infographics

Source: NBC Universal

Peacock has 16 different types of ads that marketers can use for different purposes

Gone are the days when advertisers have to stick to just one ad format, Peacock offers not five not ten but sixteen different ad formats that marketers can leverage to put their product in front of subscribers.

Each ad format is designed to catch a user’s attention in different situations, e.g.:

  • Pause Ad: This is a static brand advertisement that takes over the screen after a video has been paused for more than five seconds. The messaging is typically contextually relevant and calls attention to the pause. This format is best used for Creating a shoppable or actionable moment, Brand messaging and awareness, and Speaking to an audience at peak attention

Explore all of Peacock’s ad types here.

Wrapping Up!

Peacock has managed to slip into the US streaming market and make itself known to the masses. The streaming service will complete 4 years in July 2024. It will be interesting to see how many subscribers it manages to get during its fourth anniversary, by then, a couple of quarters would also have been passed.

While Peacock shows no signs of slowing down, it has tough competition to beat to even reach the top 3 spots. 

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