Detailed Netflix Subscribers Statistics (2024)

Netflix has undergone a remarkable evolution from its humble beginnings in 1997 as a DVD rental service to revolutionizing the way people consume content. Netflix started its streaming services in 2007, and now it is the largest streaming platform in the world with 270 million subscribers.

Its services span across more than 190 countries and with an average household size of over two individuals, Netflix’s reach extends to over half a billion people!

Learn about Netflix’s demographics in detail in this post.

Netflix Subscribers At A Glance

  • Netflix has 269.60 million subscribers as of Q1 2024.
  • The majority of Netflix’s users are from Europe, the Middle East, and African regions.
  • An average adult spends 62.1 minutes on the platform daily.
  • Netflix generates the highest average revenue per user from subscribers in the USA and Canada.

Number Of Netflix Subscribers

As per official data, Netflix has 269.60 million paid subscribers as of Q1 2024, this marks a 16% year-over-year increase and an addition of 9.33 million new subscribers since the end of 2023.

Netflix remains the most subscribers streaming service globally.

Netflix Subscribers Over The Years

Source: Netflix.

Growth of Netflix Subscribers over the years

YearNetflix Subscribers
2024 (As of Q1)269.60 million
2023260.28 million
2022230.7 million
2021219.7 million
2020192.9 million
2019151.5 million
2018124.3 million
201799 million
201679.9 million
201562.7 million
201447.9 million
201335.6 million
201225.7 million
201121.5 million

Source: Netflix.

Quarterly Growth of Netflix Subscribers

Netflix gained 9.33 million new subscribers in the first quarter of 2024.

The streaming service experienced a hiccup in its user growth during the first two quarters of 2022 when it lost 1.17 million subscribers. The recovery came in the third quarter of that year and has been growing steadily since.

Netflix is amassing new subscribers at a healthy average of 15.68% since Q3 2022.

Quarterly Growth of Netflix Subscribers
YearNetflix Subscribers
Q1 2024269.60 million
Q4 2023260.28 million
Q3 2023247.15 million
Q2 2023238.39 million
Q1 2023232.5 million
Q4 2022230.75 million
Q3 2022223.09 million
Q2 2022220.67 million
Q1 2022221.64 million
Q4 2021221.84 million
Q3 2021213.56 million
Q2 2021209.18 million
Q1 2021207.64 million
Q4 2020203.66 million
Q3 2020195.15 million
Q2 2020192.95 million
Q1 2020182.86 million
Q4 2019167.09 million
Q3 2019158.33 million
Q2 2019151.56 million
Q1 2019148.86 million
Q4 2018139.26 million
Q3 2018130.42 million
Q2 2018124.35 million
Q1 2018118.9 million
Q4 2017110.64 million
Q3 2017104.02 million
Q2 201799.04 million
Q1 201794.36 million
Q4 201689.09 million
Q3 201683.28 million
Q2 201679.9 million
Q1 201677.71 million
Q4 201570.84 million
Q3 201566.02 million
Q2 201562.08 million
Q1 201559.62 million
Q4 201454.48 million
Q3 201450.65 million
Q2 201447.99 million
Q1 201446.13 million
Q4 201341.43 million
Q3 201338.01 million
Q2 201335.64 million
Q1 201334.24 million

Source: Netflix.

Netflix Paid Subscribers by Region

Netflix Paid Subscribers by Region

The EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region boasts the largest share of Netflix subscribers, accounting for 34.12% of the user base.

North America (USA and Canada) closely follows with a 30.78% user share.

The Latin American and Asia Pacific regions have a user share of 17.67% and 17.41% respectively as of Q1 2024.

World RegionShare of Netflix SubscribersNumber of Subscribers
North America
(USA And Canada)
30.66%82.66 million
Europe, Middle East & Africa34.02%91.73 million
Latin America17.70%47.72 million
Asia Pacific17.61%47.50 million

Source: Netflix.

Netflix Subscribers Growth in World Regions (Over The Years)

Netflix is growing the fastest in the Asia Pacific market, which grew 347.7% since 2018. 

Despite holding the second-largest share of Netflix users, the North American market has experienced the slowest growth rate, with an increase of only 27.7% since 2018.

In contrast, in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, Netflix’s growth has been remarkably robust. Beginning with 37.82 million subscribers in 2018, it nearly doubled, surging to an impressive 91.73 million in Q1 2024, representing a 143.9% increase.

The Latin American market (LATAM) went from 26.08 million subscribers in 2018 to 47.72 million in Q1 2024. That’s an impressive 83.1% increase!

Here is a table showing Netflix’s subscriber growth in different world regions:

YearNorth America
(US and Canada)
2024 (Q1)82.66 million91.73 million47.72 million47.50 million
202380.13 million88.81 million45.60 million45.34 million
202274.30 million76.73 million41.70 million38.02 million
202175.22 million74.04 million39.96 million32.63 million
202073.94 million66.7 million37.54 million25.49 million
201967.66 million51.78 million31.42 million16.23 million
201864.76 million37.82 million26.08 million10.61 million

Source: Netflix.

Netflix Penetration in Different World Regions by 2025

Statista estimates that in 2019, about 55% of people in North America were using Netflix. This number is expected to increase to 62% by 2025. 

The growth rate in the U.S. and Canadian markets is predicted to be slower compared to other regions. The penetration rate in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), as well as the Asia Pacific region, is anticipated to double during the same timeframe.

World RegionNetflix Penetration in 2019Netflix Penetration in 2025
North America
(USA and Canada)
Latin America39%53%
Europe, the Middle, East, and Africa.19%41%
Asia Pacific11%25%

Netflix’s Average Revenue Per User

Netflix makes the most money per paying subscriber in North America, with each user bringing in an average of $17.30.

Users in Asia Pacific bring in the lowest ARPU with $7.35.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s ARPU in different world regions:

YearNorth America
(USA and Canada)
2024 (Q1)$17.30$10.92$8.29$7.35

Source: Netflix

Distribution of Netflix Subscribers by Plan Type

7% of Netflix’s users are subscribed to the recently launched ad-supported plan, while the vast majority (93%) had an ad-free subscription.

Netflix is the leading streaming service in the United States in terms of paid subscriptions. In contrast, Peacock, the United States’s newest streaming giant has 77% of its users opting for its ad-supported plan.

Streaming ServiceAd Supported SubscribersAd Free Subscribers

Source: Statista

Time Spent on Netflix Every Day

An average adult in the United States spends 62.1 minutes daily on Netflix as of 2024. That equates to 31.05 hours per month and 378 hours every year!

Average time spent per day on Netflix by adults in the United States

Netflix usage has been on a steady rise over the years, people are now spending 8.8 minutes more on the platform compared to 2019.

Source: Statista

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